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Let’s face it, when you look and feel beautiful, the world rewards you beautifully, wherever you are in business, school or simple interaction.

Being Beautiful is a matter of genetics and chance. It will develop your unique quality of self-confidence, the first step toward the achievements of your goals. This usually guarantees a better chance of success and will generate many benefits for yourself.

There are several tricks that can help you gain the advantage of Beauty in everyday life, some of the best known solutions are:

  • Skincare Routine
  • Makeup Skill
  • Personal Image

Understand all those things, Jenny Beauty is always ready on your side to help you gain all those advantages. So why choosing Jenny Beauty?

  • Because it’s the fastest way to help you create your right beauty routine. That’s best suited to your age, skin type and facial features. And also it fits in with your life style, your personality, your individuality & your natural beauty.
  • Because it saves your Time and Your Money. You will be consulted exactly the right products to apply each morning or before bedtime. You will have a capsule skincare & makeup kit of go-to products that are suitable for your skin type and complexion. Avoid all mistakes that costs you money & time.
  • Because you will be ensured your morning will start off in the best way possible as you look & feel fabulous & full of confidence as you deserve every day. It’s all about enhancing your true beauty in the right way. With the lessons you will make your features pop so easily like never before.
  • Because you will gain the best knowledge to take good care your own beauty. Your beauty routine will be quick, easy and enjoyable for every single day. That’s how you will keep going to feel the wonderful, positive effects throughout the entire day. Therefore you will show up as your highest self in everything you do.
Lessons & Workshops - Jenny Beauty

Jenny Beauty Lesson & Workshop

1. Makeup Lesson (individual or group)

  • Level of Knowledge: from Basic to Advanced
  • Learn Your Own Features:
    • Skin type
    • Skin Tone
    • Face Shape
    • Eye Shape
    • Eye Colour
  • Create the right Look for you from Natural Everyday look to Glamorous Look for day & night time
  • Create your Makeup shopping list suits to your budget and your own features
  • Learn the correct application techniques from the real experience of seeing how to do from professional
  • Tips & Tricks for your quick & easy application
  • Using Luxury Products & tools at Jenny Beauty HQ

2. Skincare Lesson (individual or group)

  • Learn your own skin & skin condition through skin analyser
  • Review Your Skincare Products you are using
  • Review Your Skincare Routine
  • Create the right products shopping list suitable to your budget
  • Create Your Right Skincare Routine
  • Practice step by step

3. Hairstyling Lesson (individual or group)

  • Level of knowledge: From Basic to Advanced
  • Learn all periods Hairstyles
  • Learn trendy hairstyles
  • Learn Modern Vintage Wave hairstyle
  • Learn Bridal Hairstyles
  • Tips & Tricks

Depending on your enquiry, you will be consulted exactly how many hours or lessons you need to do.

4. Personal Image Lesson (individual or group)

  • What is Personal Image
  • Why personal Image is so important to your life
  • All Factors of Personal Image
  • Define Your Personal Image Goal
  • How to create your Personal Image
  • Personal Development Skill

5. Personal Health & Beauty workshop

Depending on your interest & the volume of the class, we will create the concept of each workshop suited to every single season.

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