Don’t Forget Your Skincare Routine!

Straight from the Experts

Getting ready for any formal occasion is an exciting and nervous time for many women. This is especially true for weddings where there are so many tasks to prepare before the big day that it is easy to lose track of the smaller things to be done. One of the things that tend to be forgotten is skincare, with many brides-to-be forgetting their beauty routine.

So when it come to the actual day, many women believe that makeup can cover any number of skin problems and give them an amazing flawless skin. At Jenny Beauty, we are a team of professional mobile makeup artists for Melbourne brides, however, we are not miracle workers.

Flawless skin does not happen in isolation and makeup cannot fix everything. To have flawless skin it requires daily attention long before your special occasion.

Here are a few key points to make sure you are looking your best when your mobile hair and makeup artist arrives at your house on the day.

No facial waxing

If you typically wax your face, try to avoid having any treatments within 5 days of getting your makeup applied. Your foundation will not stick properly if the skin is freshly waxed and it will quickly wear off during your occasion.

Don’t Experiment

Don’t try any new products too close to your day or even within the week of your event. A new treatment or product might not be harmful by itself, however then applying professional makeup on top of that can increase the risk of allergic reactions.

Exfoliate Before

The day of your trial and the day of your actual event, ensure you thoroughly exfoliate. Removing that layer of dead skin cells will be helpful for keeping your foundation flawless throughout the day.  It will also give you the best picture of what your makeup will look like on the actual day.

Touch Ups

Make sure you bring your powder, spot brush and lipstick to touch-up during the event. If you do not have the right types, it’s not a problem all our team carry spares you can purchase on the day.


Remember to inform your makeup artist at least two weeks before your trial if you have any allergies. Don’t feel embarrassed about them, cosmetic allergies are common and even food reactions can cause problems with makeup, so please let your artist know. This will also give our team time to prepare alternatives, research the allergy and check all our products for ingredients

One last word

Don’t forget your skin in the rush to prepare for your wedding or special event. Not only will this give your makeup artist the best base to work from, it will give you the best results on your big day. It doesn’t have to be big expensive treatments, it can be a simple as moisturising, using toner and washing your face. Finally the best skin tip, hydrate! Drink lots of water, you’ll feel good and it will help you look better too.

If you have an event coming up, contact us at Jenny Beauty as discover how we can help you transform with gorgeous formal makeup.