Why should you hire a Mobile Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day?

Weddings can take up to a year to plan and all the details that go into it can make a bride dizzy! However, once you have the venue booked, every guest perfectly seated and your cake looks gorgeous, it’s time to think about how you will look. Most brides do not leave their wedding dress to chance and have already chosen a gorgeous design, however there is more to a beautiful bride than an amazing dress. Do you have your makeup and hair planned and booked? Here are few tips on hiring the perfect Mobile Makeup Artist for your Melbourne wedding.

  1. Make sure your artist or stylist has an extensive bridal portfolio.
    • Whether online or in person, you cannot truly understand the style and talents of a makeup artist until you have seen their previous work. Make sure there are actual bridal makeup examples in the portfolio as there is a big difference between fashion makeup and bridal styles. Not only will your bridal makeup need to last longer than a simple fashion shoot, it will also be exposed to a range of lighting. Your makeup might need to last from early morning until late and night, withstanding daylight, flash photography and even videos.
  2. Ensure your Makeup Artist is using professional and quality makeup.
    • Your makeup artist should not be using supermarket quality makeup and instead have a range of professional products for all skin types, tones and problems. If you have any concerns about sensitive skin or problems, make sure you raise these during your initial meeting or trial booking. Make sure you ask questions if you do know what a product is, professional makeup artists are more than happy to answer all your queries.
  3. What look are you trying to achieve? Book a Trial.
    • Brides are all individual, so it makes sense that you would like your wedding makeup to reflect your personality on your biggest day. Take examples of your favourite styles to your consultation and make sure you book a trial long before the wedding day to try them all out. Sometimes you might love a style, but it clashes with your colours, bridal party outfits or wedding dress. So conducting a trial in advance will enable you to work out any teething problems long before the stress of your big day.
  4. Look into a makeup artist who can come to you
    • On your big day, you don’t want to be travelling around the city, so it is important to choose a mobile makeup artist who can come to you, wherever in Melbourne you hold your wedding.

One final tip when hiring your makeup artist is to look for someone who is multi-talented, who is also a hair stylist along with a makeup artist. This will make your day flow smoother with only one professional to hire and source.

Ultimately your makeup artist is going to be a big part of your special day so it is important that you pick the right person to be there. Choose someone you get on with, who makes the entire day a great experience, and don’t forget that long after the day is over, all that is left is photos and memories. So make sure you look good in those photos!